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Scottish artist: Jane Cruickshank solo show at Red Rag

OUT OF THE ORDINARY: Jane Cruickshank solo exhibition

Scottish Art: Contemporary Paintings by Jane Cruickshank

The latest exhibition at Red Rag Gallery features Scottish artist Jane Cruickshank who is gaining a reputation for her luminous fine art still life and figure painting; a reputation that will no doubt be enhanced by this remarkable solo exhibition, which is now open at the Red Rag Gallery in Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire.

Paintings from Jane have been a regularly shown at the gallery for the last five years but this is her first solo exhibition with Red Rag. It focuses on her still life work and includes delicately defined paintings of vessels of different materials (ceramic, metallic), household items (such as scissors), fruit and books – in each case helping us to see how the ordinary and the day-to-day reveal the extraordinary as we take time to observe them.

Although this exhibition will concentrate on Jane’s still life work, her initial interest was in painting figures – during her studies she concentrated on producing representational figures placed in large minimal spaces to evoke a sense of isolation and vulnerability. She is fascinated with the play and effects of light and shadow on a figure or object and creating a strong presence within a space. She says, “I started painting the figure while at Art College, mainly self-portraits or members of the family usually on large canvases with the figure placed off centre to create an image of vulnerability. Pattern and surface is a tool that I use to explore how the dominance of appearance manipulates the identity.”

Her paintings have all the quality and depth associated with her principal medium of oils, successfully combining intense realism with a luminescence and clarity that give them a very contemporary feel. Her work is immediately accessible. Red Rag Gallery Manager, Carole Teagle comments, “We are delighted to host this fascinating solo show by Jane Cruickshank. There is a gentleness and peace to Jane’s still life paintings that gives them an enduring quality and causes us to take time to ponder and reflect, a precious offering of stability at a time of fast movement and change.”

NOTES Jane Cruickshank BA (Hons), MA (b. 1976, Speyside) studied Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen from 1994-99. She was commended in the Coopers and Lybrand Competition (1996); won a John Kinross Scholarship to Florence (1997), awarded by the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh; and won the James Torrance Memorial Award from the Royal Glasgow Institute (1998). She has exhibited extensively, particularly in Scottish Art Galleries where she has already presented a number of solo exhibitions.

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Scottish artist: Archie Forrest

'Basket with Fruit and Flowers' by Archie Forrest

Red Rag have released a number of new Still Life paintings by Scottish artist by Archie Forrest. Forrest is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s leading contemporary painters. He studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1969 to 1973 and taught there for seven years before giving up teaching in 1985 to be a full-time artist.

Archie Forrest is a perfectionist and is uncompromising in the high standards he sets himself. He works in the Glasgow School/Scottish Colourist tradition creating still life paintings of brilliant colour and underpinned by fine drawing and sense of form. He paints with layers of intermingled colours giving his paintings a wonderful depth with a luscious quality. His paintings have appeared regularly in the annual shows of both the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, to which he was elected in 1988, and the Royal Scottish Academy. A painter and a sculptor, Forrest is essentially viewed as a colourist working in the subdued earthy harmonies of the Glasgow school. Cézanne and Matisse are major inspirations to the artist.

His paintings are highly sought after and appear in many private and public art collections, including The Duchess of York, BBC, Glasgow Art Club, Royal College of Physicians, Scottish Amicable, Scottish Opera and National Portrait Gallery.

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British art: artist William Selby


'The Lilly' by British artist William Selby

Next week is the start of our next art exhibition at Red Rag. It is a mixed show of selected artists from the New English Art Club(NEAC). The NEAC is one of the leading British art societies with a number of well known artists.

One of the seven NEAC selected artists featuring in the Red Rag show is William Selby

William Selby was born in Yorkshire in 1933. A self taught artist William Selby has been painting professionally for a number of years. He paints using oil, acrylic and mixed media. His contemporary paintings demonstrate a strong, bold use of colour and vibrancy, which are developed by applying layer upon layer with painterly brushstrokes.

William Selby is particularly well known for his still life paintings. He positions everyday objects in carefully crafted suspended space producing balance and sustainable interest.

Other NEAC artists in the art show include Royal Academy artists Fred Cuming and Fred Cuming.

The NEAC art exhibition starts 6 November. For further details email the gallery or

CONTACT RED RAG NOW on 01451 832563 or outside the UK + 44 1451 832563

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Irish art: artist Anji Allen

'Friednship II' by Irish artist Anji Allen

'Friendship II' by Irish artist Anji Allen

We have just received new paintings from Irish born artist Anji Allen who was born in Galway. They are just wonderfully textural pieces with a sense of calm and balence.

The featured painting is ‘Friendship II’. Anji produced the art piece with layer upon layer of paint which are reworked and scraped back as she marks and draws lines into the paint. The colours in Allen’s paintings are limited to relaxing neutral colours of pale green, dark brown, creams and golds

Anji Allen says of her art work: “My paintings are an emotional response to memory, reminding me of people and places, of times spent with friends and family, chatting over a cup of tea or coffee. The cup taking on a symbolic personal statement each having its own personality and narrative. The pleasure and joy is in the mark making the layering and application of paint. The construction of the forms are intuitive and not contrived, flowing as if in conversation.”

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Scottish artist Archie Dunbar McIntosh

'Table Top' painting by Scottish artist Archie Dunbar McIntosh

'Table Top' painting by Scottish artist Archie Dunbar McIntosh

Today we are photographing new paintings from Scottish artist – Archie Dunbar McIntosh
for our upcoming Scottish art show

Archie Dunbar McIntosh was born in Glasgow in 1936.He studied at the Glasgow School of Art from 1953 to 1957.

Archie Dunbar McIntosh paintings have regularly featured in exhibitions worldwide. They are also in the public art collections of: The Scottish Arts Council; Glasgow Museum & Art Gallery; Edinburgh City Council; and Argyle Education Authority. Archie’s paintings are also held in many corporate and private art collections.


Featured Scottish artist – Margaretann Bennett

Painting by Scottish artist Margaretann Bennett - Blackhouse Table

Painting by Scottish artist Margaretann Bennett - Blackhouse Table

Today’s featured artist is Scottish artist Margaretann Bennett who was born in Scotland in 1968. She studied at the Glasgow School of Art from 1987 to 1991

In 2004 Margaretann Bennett was elected a member of the RSW (Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours). She has also been the recipient of a number of art awards including: The Armour Award at the RGI annual exhibition in 2006 and the William Bowie Art Award at Paisley Arts Institute

Margaretann’s current paintings are of mixed media. She creates a surface of rich colour and sumptuous texture with paint, often incorporating layers of delicate paper which she pre-colours and marks. Bennett’s approach is intuitive rather than analytical: there is deliberate tension between areas of abstraction and finer detail. Most of her contemporary paintings are a distillation of collected experiences into a visual unity and an evocation, rather than depiction of place or objects

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