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Contemporary Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints from Richard Thorn

Limited Edition prints from British artist Richard Thorn

Latest Limited Edition Print News

The expanding range of Limited Edition Prints at Red Rag Gallery has received another boost with the introduction of new prints from British artist Richard Thorn.

Richard Thorn is a highly successful British artist who was born and still lives in the West Country. Growing up living close to the sea and the rich Devon landscape has had an ongoing influence on Richard’s art work. His is consistently drawn to the majesty and grandeur of his native South Devon landscapes and seascapes.

Richard Thorn studied art at the Newton Abbot School of Art in the 1960’s. His early career was in music sector and he became an accomplished Jazz Guitarist. In the early 1980’s Richard Thorn began painting professionally. Since then he has produced many paintings and limited edition prints of the beautiful Devon and Cornish landscape and coastline. Like many British artists Richard has been drawn to the “quality of light” that the region is known for.

Richard is an intuitive artist, preferring to paint from ‘feeling’ rather than an academic standpoint. He creates paintings and limited edition prints using dramatic splashes of tone and colour succesfully capturing the bright and suffuse light. His paintings and limited edition prints have been shown in many British art exhibitions and galleries and his work is increasingly appreciated by UK art collectors and by those further afield.

The latest prints are a limited edition series of 195 for each print. For further details please contact the gallery.

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Limited Edition Prints – David Inshaw

'Canal bank' Limited Edition Print by David Inshaw

Today’s featured artist is David Inshaw . Inshaw was born in Wednesfield, Staffordshire in 1943. He studied painting at Beckenham School of Art and at the Royal Academy Schools. He then went on to study in Paris for six months under a French Government scholarship.

David Inshaw is known for the powerful intensity of his English landscape paintings and prints. He has paintings in many private and public British art galleries. These include: the Arts Council of Great Britain, the British Council, City of Bristol Art Gallery & Museum, the Department of the Environment, Devizes Museum, Sunderland Museum and Art Gallery. He is also well represented in the Tate Gallery’s art collection.

David Inshaw first caught the public imagination in 1972 with his painting the Badmington Game which was acquired by Tate Britain. Another of Inshaw’s best known paintings and print is Cricket Game set in Little Bredy, West Dorset.

Inshaw’s Limited Edition Prints are available from the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery. For further details email the gallery or

CONTACT RED RAG NOW on 01225 332223 or outside the UK + 44 1225 332223

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British art: artist Richard Adams

'The Summer Wore On' by Richard Adams

'The Summer Wore On' by Richard Adams

Today we feature British Artist Richard Adams

Richard Adams was born in Hampshire in 1960. He received a BA Hons in Graphic Design at Leicester Polytechnic. Richard’s childhood was spent amidst the British countryside in the south Cotswolds. The outstanding Cotswold landscape has had a strong and lasting influence on his art work with the soft landscape and architectural vernacular often inspiring and influencing his paintings.

In his art work Richard Adams creates a dream world often adding ‘odd’ people that seem to float above the ground and seldom stand upright. Full of humour Richard Adams paintings and prints are beautifully drawn and highly imaginative.

All Richard’s paintings are produced using chalk pastel. They are then fixed and soaked in a special varnish that leaves an impervious surface. His art works are also available as Giclee Limited Edition Prints

Today’s featured image is a Limited Edition Print ’The Summer Wore On’ is an imaginative and idealised portrayal of a hay-making party. As with all Richard Adams art works what is most striking is the wealth of detail and the narrative that the scene creates. Set against a background of thatched cottages and a church we see a picnic, running dogs, kissing couples and then above the church angels circle watching over the scene and lending it a dreamlike quality.

To see more about British Artist Richard Adams – click here

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Scottish art: Limited Edition Prints by Hamish MacDonald

Hamish MacDonald - 'Summer Plockton'

Hamish MacDonald - 'Summer Plockton'

Scottish artist Hamish MacDonald died last year. As a result the numbers of Hamish MacDonald Limited Edition prints personally signed and number by Hamish are sadly running out fast.

Hamish MacDonald was one of the leading contemporary Scottish Artists. He painted mostly in oils and mixed media. He was very much a Scottish colourist at heart, but his approach to Scottish contemporary painting created an immediacy and spontaneity in his art. Inspiration for Hamish’s paintings and prints came from his roots – Scottish Landscapes and Scottish Marine scenes. And, his distinctive fluid style in the use of strong bold colours successfully created a sense of place and atmosphere.

Today’s featured print image is ’Summer Plockton’ one of the most attractive of Scottish anchorages. Here Hamish MacDonald’s very immediate style and bold use of colour and line create a real sense of the Scottish landscape with it’s traditional crofters cottages and charming setting.

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Limited Edition Prints from British artist Peter Heard

Peter Heard Giclee Print 'Harvest Headland'

Peter Heard Giclee Print 'Harvest Headland'

Red Rag started promoting Limited Edition Prints about 18 months ago. Since then demand for prints from British artist Peter Heard has been consistently high.

Peter Heard was born in London in 1939. He is a self-taught artist known for his graphic compositions. His paintings and limited edition prints display bright use of colour, minute attention to detail, fabulous blue skies and speckless finish.

Today Peter Heard has developed a reputation as a prolific British painter. He is well-known in the USA as well as Britain for his paintings of boats, women, landscapes, buildings, cars and animals. However it is Peter Heard’s paintings and prints of lighthouses that become iconic images in his print range

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British Beach Life

British Artist Stephen Brown - Football Match, Sidmouth

British Artist Stephen Brown - Football Match, Sidmouth

This week I have been on holiday – touring the West of England and visiting as many art contemporary galleries as possible in Devon.

So what was my favourite artist? It was Stephen Brown who produces wonderful contemporary oil paintings and Limited Edition Prints of Devon landscapes and seascapes.

Stephen Brown was born in British County of Somerset in 1947. He studied contemporary art at the Somerset College of Art and later worked alongside artist Patrick Larking RP ROI. As a result Stephen came to admire and respect such artists as Sickert, George Clausen and Augustus John, all of whom had taught and befriended Larking while he was studying at the Royal Academy of Art

Stephen Brown is an elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA). This was after a recommendation from Ken Howard, an admirer of Stephen Brown’s contemporary paintings.


New Limited Edition Prints from Richard Adams

Richard Adams

Richard Adams





We are always looking for good and interesting  Contemporary British Art and Artists. So we were delighted to announce that the latest artist to join the portfolio of Limited Edition Print artists at Red Rag is  Richard Adams. Richard’s art works capture the quirkiness of the British nation in a dream like world. His art works often containing ‘odd’ people that seem to float above the ground and seldom stand upright. Full of humour Richard Adams prints are beautifully drawn and highly imaginative.


All Richard Adams Limited Edition Prints are signed and numbered by the artist and are available for immediate shipment from Red Rag.  For further details contact the gallery on 01451 832563 or outside UK + 44 1451 832563









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