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Featured Irish artist – Manus Walsh

Painting by Irish artist Manus Walsh

Painting by Irish artist Manus Walsh

Each month at Red Rag we select and highlight an Irish artist. The April featured Irish artist is Manus Walsh

Manus Walsh has worked as an artist for more than 40 years and has exhibited not only in Irish galleries but also in Chile, Spain, Germany and now the UK. Born in Dublin, grandson to author Maurice Walsh and Irish language writer Sean O’Kiersey, he has carved his own niche in the visual arts. Manus Walsh lives in the West of Ireland

The Irish west coast is an area that has greatly influenced Manus art works. His exploration of this area has produced a wonderful series of stratified landscapes, all horizontal lines, full of ghosts, still, calm, virtually devoid of any colour, including some remarkable nocturnal views. Over the last 20 years Manus has also spent time in Spain, Cuba, Chile, France, Germany and Italy. This has brought an infusion of colour and rhythm to his paintings; seen in the graceful shapes and strong outlines of Picassoesque musicians, the hustle and bustle of Valparaiso, or the noonday heat of a Spanish village

It is not easy to label Manus Walsh. His paintings have been described as cubist, abstract, impressionist, surreal, naturalistic and romantic. Manus Walsh works in stained glass, enamel, oils, pastels, gouache, chalk, collage, graphics- what ever comes to hand it seems! As a result, his career has been characterised by an imaginative diversity of subject and technique, an ever-present willingness to experiment with the new or re-visit old ideas


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