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Paintings of Cities: latest Red Rag Art Gallery show

'Manhattan Crossing' by David Farran at Red Rag Gallery

This coming weekend is the start of the latest Red Rag art exhibition ‘ Cities around the World’. It is a mixed art show featuring art works from: Susan Brown, Stephen Brown, Stephanie Dees, Michael Ewart, David Farren and Janet Ledger.

Scenes from many of the world’s finest Cities are featured in the art show including: New York, London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Amsterdam, Bath, Canterbury and Edinburgh. The art show starts Sunday 25 April and continues until 7 May. The gallery is open every day from 10:00

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Irish art: artist Brian Smyth

Painting 'Street in Lucca' by Irish artist Brian Smyth

Painting 'Street in Lucca' by Irish artist Brian Smyth

Today’s update features a contemporary painting from the next art show at Red Rag. It is titled ‘Street in Lucca’ and is painted by Irish artist – Brian Smyth

Brian Smyth is a painter who records atmosphere with ease. His paintings capture the very essence of his subjects. He is particularly successful in his treatment of crowd scenes or café society.

‘Street In Lucca’ is typical of Brian’s style. It is an oil painting with strong shadowing – people wondering and rushing about the street sucessfully captures and creates a sense of theatre and atmosphere

This painting will be featuring in the next art exhibition at Red Rag Gallery. The show is titled ‘Street Life’ and is a mixed exhibition of scenes inspired by streets across the globe. /p>

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