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Contemporary Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints from Richard Thorn

Limited Edition prints from British artist Richard Thorn

Latest Limited Edition Print News

The expanding range of Limited Edition Prints at Red Rag Gallery has received another boost with the introduction of new prints from British artist Richard Thorn.

Richard Thorn is a highly successful British artist who was born and still lives in the West Country. Growing up living close to the sea and the rich Devon landscape has had an ongoing influence on Richard’s art work. His is consistently drawn to the majesty and grandeur of his native South Devon landscapes and seascapes.

Richard Thorn studied art at the Newton Abbot School of Art in the 1960’s. His early career was in music sector and he became an accomplished Jazz Guitarist. In the early 1980’s Richard Thorn began painting professionally. Since then he has produced many paintings and limited edition prints of the beautiful Devon and Cornish landscape and coastline. Like many British artists Richard has been drawn to the “quality of light” that the region is known for.

Richard is an intuitive artist, preferring to paint from ‘feeling’ rather than an academic standpoint. He creates paintings and limited edition prints using dramatic splashes of tone and colour succesfully capturing the bright and suffuse light. His paintings and limited edition prints have been shown in many British art exhibitions and galleries and his work is increasingly appreciated by UK art collectors and by those further afield.

The latest prints are a limited edition series of 195 for each print. For further details please contact the gallery.

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British artist Colin Kent at Red Rag Gallery

'House by the Sea' by Colin Kent RI

British artist Colin Kent at Red Rag

Red Rag have announced that British artist Colin Kent is to show at the gallery. Kent is an artist member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI) and was born in London in 1934. He studied painting and architecture at Walthamstow College of Art, and worked for a number of years as an architect. He was elected a member of the Royal Institute in 1971.

Over the last forty years Colin Kent has produced a remarkable body of work of superb quality. He is a master in combining the use of ink and gouache in conjunction with watercolour to achieve a textured and delicate tonal effect in his paintings. The sea and coastal locations have been a constant inspiration for Colin and he especially loves the locations of East Anglia. But his paintings are much more about capturing the atmosphere of a place and finding locations where solitude predominates and natural forms have softened the evidence of man. His art works display great sense of atmosphere and are often stark and haunting. He has the ability to successfully create feelings of isolation without loneliness or melancholy.

Speaking about his paintings Colin Kent says: ‘It is definitely a Romantic thing with me. I find people love lonely places and and the people who buy my art work are romantics too. I am drawn to desolate places often with crumbled down buildings. I try to keep on experimenting, and the more I use mixed media, the more I experiment. I choose a subject and then treat it in a modern way. I am always looking for different things to paint which present a challenge, hence the variety in my subject matter.’

In additon to Red Rag gallery Colin Kent paintings have been exhibited at: the Royal Institute; the Academy; the Guildhall; Royal West of England Academy and at a number of leading British and American art galleries. For further details email the gallery or

CONTACT RED RAG GALLERY on 01451 832563 or outside the UK + 44 1451 832563

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British art: Michael Kidd

'Mad Hatters Garden' by Michael Kidd

Michael Kidd is today’s featured British Artist at the Red Rag Gallery.

Michael Kidd was born in London in 1937. He studied at the Royal College of Art in the late 1960s. He worked as an art director in some of London’s leading advertising agencies and spent some years in America. On his return he began directing T.V and cinema commercials in Europe, America and the UK, working, among others, for British Airways, Coca Cola, Lloyds and Barclays Bank, and Ford Motor Company, and won many awards.

Michael returned to painting in 1981 and held his first one man exhibition in 1997, since when he has devoted all his time to painting. All of Michael’s work shows a strong imaginative streak, quirky at times, surreal at others. He tends to work on themes – gardens, chateaux, coastal, cities, whatever subject holds his interest. All paintings are acrylic on board.

Paintings by Michael Kidd are available from the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery.

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British Art Exhibition: Andrew Macara solo show

British art: Andrew Macara 'Green Trees and Snow'

The Andrew Macara solo art show at Red Rag closes this weekend.

Born in 1944 Andrew Macara studied art for a short period with Leonard Fuller at the St Ives School of Painting in Cornwall, but he is very much a self taught artist. Today Macara has developed into one of the leading present day figurative British artists. He has a distinctive style of painting and a passion for capturing light and shade in his art works. This has brought him considerable success

For the latest paintings at Red Rag Macara travelled the UK producing appealing paintings of the British landscape and marine scenes. His art works are uplifting and the inclusion of children in many of his paintings strengths the sense of fun and joy.

Also featured at the art show is a showing of Andrew Macara Limited Edition Prints

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New Limited Edition Prints at Red Rag Gallery

Mark Preston Art Prints at Red Rag

Two new names have joined the growing range of Limited Edition Print artists at Red Rag Gallery this month. They are both British artists – Timmy Mallett and- Mark Preston .

Mark Preston was born in 1976 and is the younger member of a well-known artistic family. He studied illustration at Anglia University in Cambridge, but it was sketching and painting trips with his father, Rex Preston, to the Peak District, Cornwall and Scotland that really inspired him to become a landscape painter.

Mark Preston has been painting full time as a professional artist since leaving university at the age of 21. He paints in acrylics and works mainly in situ, with relatively little time spent in the studio. Red Rag has been selling Mark Preston original paintings for a number of years. The limited edition prints introduced by the gallery are: Beautiful Clear Day , Spring Towards Penzance , Rooftops Marazion and April Morning Mounts Bay . Mark Preston says: “For me experiencing the landscape and weather directly is essential to attempt to capture them in paint; I just need to be there to respond to the situation and the spirit of the landscape.”

Timmy Mallett: New print artist at Red Rag

Timmy Mallett is an accomplished painter whose love for painting came at an early age when his dad, also a keen painter, would encourage him. Later Mallett studied history of art as part of his degree at Warwick University.

Timmy Mallet takes his inspiration from the British countryside, and from trips all over the world. He is inspired by vibrant colours. His many and varied paintings and limited edition prints glow with colour. Red Rag have introduced seven Timmy Mallett prints. They are: and A Day at the Beach , Shoreline Sunset, Blowing Away the Cobwebs , Through the Window, Summer in France and Sunflowers in France . Each limited edition print series from the Red Rag British Art Gallery is normally available for immediate delivery and can be shipped worldwide.

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New Limited Edition Prints from Andrew Macara at Red Rag

'Tree and Tobbogans' by British artist Andrew Macara

Red Rag Gallery has just released new Limited Edition Prints from one of the leading British artists Andrew Macara

Andrew Macara was born in Derbyshire in 1944. He is primarily a self taught artist although he did study contemporary modern British Art for a short period with Leonard Fuller at the St Ives School of Painting.

Macara has one of the most distinctive art styles of present day British Artists. He has enjoyed considerable success particularly for his highly sought after winter scenes, so we are delighted to introduce two new winter art prints. Both art prints feature Macara’s beloved Derbyshire and the magical English winter landscape. They are: Two Trees and Tree and Tobbogans. The high quality giclee prints are part of a series of just 95 signed and numbered limited edition prints which are now available from the gallery.

The latest prints are typical of Andrew Macara’s art work with his skilled treatment of light and shade. Long blue-grey shadows capture each snow scene perfectly. He looks for colour and movement and manages to convey a sense of life in his paintings.

Paintings by Andrew Macara are also available from Red Rag British Art Gallery together with these Andrew Macara Limited Edition Prints . For further information contact the gallery

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Karl Terry wins Red Rag Gallery award at RBA

'On The Rother' by British artist Karl Terry

Red Rag Gallery is delighted to announce that Kent born artist, Karl Terry has been presented with this year’s Red Rag Gallery Award – at the Royal Society of British Artists Annual Open Exhibition – for his painting, On the Rother. The work is on view at the RBA Open Exhibition at the Pall Mall Galleries, London until 21 March.

Karl Terry was born in Ashford, Kent and now lives near the medieval town of Rye in east Sussex. He has drawn and painted all his life but has had no formal training and is largely self-taught. Karl has developed an extensive portfolio of work, which includes still life, the English landscape, river and coastal scenes and views of London life, as well as paintings recording his travels in the south of France and Thailand. On the Rother, as winner of the Red Rag Gallery Award, is representative of this broader body of expressive work, in this case capturing the unhurried flow of the river in a gentle palette.

Karl paints outside in all weathers. Karl shares the view of most en plein air painters that he has the best teacher of all in nature itself: “I paint directly from nature and my work is my personal and immediate response to being submerged in the atmosphere. My continued learning to see colour has been a revelation and has opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us, even in the mundane”

Karl is not new to art awards his painting Early Morning Faversham Quay won the Artist Magazine Highly Commended Award at the Artist & Leisure Painter Patchings Exhibition in 2008; and he also was winner of the Winsor & Newton Prize at the Patchings Art Fair in 2009. Karl has been selected as a candidate for the Wapping Group of Artists, which enthusiastically records and interprets life on the River Thames.

The Red Rag Gallery Award – is an annual award of the Royal Society of British Artist’s, which recognises emerging new talent in contemporary art.

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