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Irish art: artist Val Byrne at Red Rag Gallery

Irish art: Ardgroom Village by Val Byrne

Our Irish Art Exhibition continues. This is a mixed art show with several present day Irish Artists participating.

Today’s featured artist from the show is Val Byrne

Val Byrne was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1936 . He studied Art and Architecture at University College Dubin (UCD) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Val’s passion and understanding for architecture is evident in his paintings. Because of his background Val has a particular interest in the urban landscape of Ireland. Most of Byrne’s contemporary paintings record Irish scenes of the 20th and 21st Century with an emphasis on harbours and boats and a mixture of domestic and residential buildings

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Irish art: Artist John Morris

Evening Light Dingle, Harbour County Kerry by John Morris

Evening Light Dingle, Harbour County Kerry by John Morris

Irish Artists seem to have a natural and enduring love of the Irish Landscape. Today’s artist John Morris is no exception

Irish artist John Morris was born in Dublin in 1958, but did not start painting until 1997. Although primarily a self taught artist Morris has undoubtedly benefited from painting lessons from Irish artists Brian Quinn and Trevor Geoghegan.

Morris’s paintings are about light and the effect light has on subjects particularly water and landscapes. Composition is important to John. He spends a lot of time “getting it right” before starting on a painting. He makes quick sketches in pencil, charcoal or oil. These sketches along with photographs make up a visual diary which is used as reference material for his paintings.

ohn Morris is an artist with a strong love for the Irish landscape with its constantly changing light and atmosphere. His paintings display vitality and freshness which when coupled with strong and confident brush strokes successfully captures a sense of time and place.

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Contemporary Irish Art – artist Cormac O’Leary

Irish artist Cormac O'Leary - painting 'Island Ruin I'

Irish artist Cormac O'Leary - painting 'Island Ruin I'

One of the leading Irish artists is Cormac O’Leary. Cormac produces really excellent contemporary paintings, so here at Red Rag we are always excited to receive new Irish paintings from him. This week Cormac sent images of new paintings which are due in the gallery soon

Cormac O’Leary was born in Cork city, Ireland in 1969. Having completed his art studies in County Sligo, Ireland he moved to Barcelona, Spain. While he was in Spain Cormac regularly visited the Picasso Art Museum, the Joan Miro Foundation, The Antoni Tapies Foundation and the famous Gaudi buildings. On returning to Ireland Cormac joined other local Irish artists and set up group art studios. Cormac began to exhibit his paintings locally and nationally, and also published art reviews and illustrations in various outlets, including Arts West magazine, Circa, and the Sculpture Society of Ireland newsletter

Cormac O’Leary has won several art awards for his Irish contemporary paintings and has exhibited regularly in London and America. Today Cormac is represented in many national and international art collections

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