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Contemporary Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints from Richard Thorn

Limited Edition prints from British artist Richard Thorn

Latest Limited Edition Print News

The expanding range of Limited Edition Prints at Red Rag Gallery has received another boost with the introduction of new prints from British artist Richard Thorn.

Richard Thorn is a highly successful British artist who was born and still lives in the West Country. Growing up living close to the sea and the rich Devon landscape has had an ongoing influence on Richard’s art work. His is consistently drawn to the majesty and grandeur of his native South Devon landscapes and seascapes.

Richard Thorn studied art at the Newton Abbot School of Art in the 1960’s. His early career was in music sector and he became an accomplished Jazz Guitarist. In the early 1980’s Richard Thorn began painting professionally. Since then he has produced many paintings and limited edition prints of the beautiful Devon and Cornish landscape and coastline. Like many British artists Richard has been drawn to the “quality of light” that the region is known for.

Richard is an intuitive artist, preferring to paint from ‘feeling’ rather than an academic standpoint. He creates paintings and limited edition prints using dramatic splashes of tone and colour succesfully capturing the bright and suffuse light. His paintings and limited edition prints have been shown in many British art exhibitions and galleries and his work is increasingly appreciated by UK art collectors and by those further afield.

The latest prints are a limited edition series of 195 for each print. For further details please contact the gallery.

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Contemporary British art: Landscape painter Stephen Brown

'Landscape with Cows, near Sidmouth' by Stephen Brown

'Landscape with Cows, near Sidmouth' by Stephen Brown

British artist Stephen Brown is known for his quintessential English Landscape paintings. Looking at ‘Landscape with Cows, near Sidmouth’ it is easy to see why. Brown captures the soft rolling Devon countryside set against a big sky, where clouds gently roll by. The setting for a perfect day.

Painting almost exclusively in oils Stephen Brown is constantly drawn to painting subjects near his home in the county of Devon. He is a master at depicting the hazy warm Summer Days in the Devon, Wiltshire and more recently Gloucestershire fields. Stephen is also excels as a Marine artist producing atmospheric paintings with the distinctive shimmering light associated with British beaches and coastal scenes.

However Stephen Brown is not limited to capturing images of the British Isles. He has also traveled extensively producing contemporary paintings of Italy. Like so many artists he particularly likes undertaking paintings of Venice. He has also succeeded in recording memorable subjects such as Lake Garda and Tuscany where his understanding and application of light and colour are evident in his paintings.

Stephen Brown paintings are always in demand and increasingly collectable. His art works are now available at Red Rag Gallery as Giclee Limited Edition Prints. Click here to view Stephen Brown Limited Edition Prints

In addition to Red Rag British Art Gallery Stephen Brown has exhibited at many other leading British Art Galleries. Each painting at Red Rag is sourced from the Stephen Brown artist studio and like all Red Rag British art and Contemporary art it can be shipped worldwide.

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