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Contemporary British Art from artist David Farren

Reflections of Bath by David Farren

Reflections of Bath by David Farren

David Farren is one of the most promising young figurative British artists. His contemporary paintings of urban day to day scenes are a real pleasure to show in the gallery and a great example of contemporary British Art. We were therefore delighted to hear from David that new paintings are on their way to us at Red Rag Gallery

David Farren uses expressive brushwork and colour to represent the energy and movement of the urban landscape, providing a snapshot of everyday life. His aim is to capture the ambience and individuality of some of the world’s most exciting cities from a street level, concentrating on the people as they go about their daily lives

The latest paintings from David will include British scenes of the world heritage city – Bath. Other paintings include scenes of New York – a city David loves for its vibrancy and scale. A further post will be uploaded when the paintings are delivered


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