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Paintings of Cities: latest Red Rag Art Gallery show

'Manhattan Crossing' by David Farran at Red Rag Gallery

This coming weekend is the start of the latest Red Rag art exhibition ‘ Cities around the World’. It is a mixed art show featuring art works from: Susan Brown, Stephen Brown, Stephanie Dees, Michael Ewart, David Farren and Janet Ledger.

Scenes from many of the world’s finest Cities are featured in the art show including: New York, London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Amsterdam, Bath, Canterbury and Edinburgh. The art show starts Sunday 25 April and continues until 7 May. The gallery is open every day from 10:00

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Modern art: Ann Shrager at Red Rag Bath Art Gallery

'The Bridegroom' by Ann Shrager at Red Rag Bath Art Gallery

Ann Shrager is today’s featured British Artist at the Red Rag Gallery.

Ann Shrager was born in London in 1948. She studied art at the Byam Shaw School of Painting and then at the Royal Academy Schools.

Ann Shrager has been a member of the New English Art Club since 1975. The NEAC is an art society which includes a number of other artists who have exhinited art works at Red Rag . These include: David Cobley, Charles Hardaker, Ken Howard, Karolina Larusdottir, Andrew Macara and William Selby

Ann Shrager’s art work is inspired by her various travels. Venice has always been a favourite location. More recently images of India feature predominantly in her contemporary paintings. She successfully captures the beauty and elegance of the country and its people.

Paintings by Ann Shrager are available from the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery.

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Scottish art: artist Helen Wilson at Red Rag Bath Modern Art Gallery

'Nutcracker Rehearsal' by Helen Wilson at Red Rag Gallery

Helen Wilson is today’s featured Scottish Artist at the Red Rag Gallery.

Helen Wilson was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, in 1954. She studied at Glasgow School of Art and at Hospitalfield Art centre. During this time she was awarded the Robert Hart Bursary and Governor’s Prize, Hospitalfield; a Travelling Scholarship (Italy and Yugoslavia); the WO Hutcheson Prize for Drawing; the Postgraduate Studies Award, Glasgow School of Art; and the John and Mabel Craig Award.

Artists David Hockney and Chagall were strong influences during Helen Wilson’s time at the Glasgow School of Art. She has always liked the art work Degas and admires Sickert, Giotto and the Italian Masters. Her greatest influence was Scottish artist Charles MacQueen from her days in the Art Department of her school in Paisley.

Helen Wilson completed the featured painting recently at rehearsals for the Scottish Ballet. This year is the Scottish Ballet’s 40th anniversary and the current production is the Nutcracker. Helen Wilson excels at capturing the breathtaking beauty of Scottish Ballet on stage as well as the sweat and sheer dedication behind the scenes.

Helen Wilson is a member of the Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI) and the Royal Scottish Society of Painters (RSW). Her paintings are in various private and public art collections including: Glasgow Art Gallery, Kelvingrove, Paisley Museum & Art Gallery, Scottish Arts Council, Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the Royal College of Physicians.

Paintings by Helen Wilson are available from Red Rag Bath Modern Art Gallery

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British art: artist David Atkins at Red Rag Bath Art Gallery

'New York Morning' by David Atkins at Red Rag Gallery

Today’s featured Modern British Artist at the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery is David Atkins

David Atkins was born in Greenwich in 1964. He studied at St Martin’s School of Art, London and later at Winchester School of Art.

Today David Atkins has established himself as an evocative painter of landscapes and urban scenes. His Landscape paintings and Architectural and Urban paintings are characterised by the use of broad brush and colour creating bold and clear vistas of the city and landscape. He is particularly drawn to scenes of dawn and sunset and is an honest observer of the world around us.

David Atkins is an artist who excels at capturing the magic and majesty of the landscape or urban vista. His strong and confident brushwork successfully records the essence of his subjects be they landscape or urban cityscapes. Atkins produces highly textural oil paintings full of light, shade and atmosphere.

David Atkins paintings are available from the Red Rag Gallery in Bath. For further information please contact the gallery.

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Modern art: artist Katty McMurray at Bath Art Gallery

Modern Art: British artist Katty McMurray

Today’s featured Modern British Artist at the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery is Katty McMurray

Katty McMurray was born in London in 1970. She studied art at the Chelsea School of Art graduating in 1991.

Katty McMurray has always been a keen traveller. As a result many of her contemporary paintings of places such as Zanzibar, China, India, Italy and many parts of England and Scotland have been inspired by her travels. Katty’s modern art work stems from her love of drawing. While away on location, she spends her time sketching; quickly and often using a single line, she records her immediate impressions of a place. On returning to her art studio, these drawings are used as a base for her larger paintings in oil on canvas, keeping the strong lines and using colours to recreate the atmosphere of the particular place.

Today Katty McMurray has established herself as a successful artist who produces paintings in a distinctive naïve style. Her contemporary art works are now much in demand and Katty has an enthusiastic following for her paintings both in the UK and abroad.

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Scottish art: artist Charles MacQueen RGI RSW

Spice Shop, Jaipur by Charles MacQueen

Spice Shop, Jaipur by Charles MacQueen

Later this month Red Rag open another gallery in the classical and elegant Georgian City of Bath. The new gallery is in Brock Street which links two world famous landmarks – The Royal Crescent and The Kings Circus.

The new gallery will open with Scottish Art from one of the Scotland’s leading contemporary artists – Charles MacQueen.

Charles MacQueen was born in Glasgow in 1940. He was educated at St Aloysius College and then attended the Glasgow School of Art. After graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1965, Charles MacQueen pursued a successful career in Art Education. Throughout his teaching years Charles continued to paint and exhibited widely. Eventually in 1990 Charles retired to concentrate full time as a professional artist.

MacQueen says: “My most important influence was John Dewey, whose work I read when I was training to be a teacher. His book “Art as Experience” made strong emphasis on learning through doing, and Art as a response to lived experience”.

MacQueen has made a number of visits to Tunisia and Morocco. The latest art works at Red Rag reflect Charles’s fascination with the two countries. He is inspired by the stark visual contrasts between strong blinding sunlight and black dark bazaars full of rich reds, golds and turquoise.

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British art: artist David Farren

Painting 'Sunlight Reflections - Bath Abbey' by David Farren

Painting 'Sunlight Reflections - Bath Abbey' by David Farren

Today we feature a another painting from the next art exhibition at Red Rag. It is by British Artist David Farren

David Farren uses expressive brushwork and colour to represent the energy and movement of the urban landscape, providing a snapshot of everyday life. His aim is to capture the ambience and individuality of some of the world’s most exciting cities from a street level, concentrating on the people as they go about their daily lives.

The featured painting in this post by David Farren is ‘Sunlit Reflections, Bath Abbey’. Bath is one of the world’s greatest cities with its majestic Georgian buildings, but the Abbey dates from a much earlier building period. In the painting Farren has positioned the Abbey as a centre piece looking down on the passers by below. The whole scene is bathed in sunlight which has created wonderful reflections from the rain water lying on the pavement and acting like a mirror.

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