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David Farrant art at Red Rag Gallery

'David Farrant - Time for a Drink'

British artist: David Farrant

Today we are featuring one of the leading British Artists David Farrant who was born in London in 1938.

David Farrant studied art at St. Martin’s, London. Following his training he has developed an impressive career which included art exhibitions at major British Art Galleries including the National Portrait Gallery and at the Mall Gallery in London with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. He established a reputation as one of the finest British painters of portraiture in the country.

Today David Farrant no longer paints portraits preferring to concentrate on his figurative painting. He works in Oil and Acrylic often on a large format so that his paintings have ‘presence’ in the domestic environment. David tries to hint at a story in the composition of each painting, but it is the impact of light and especially sunlight which is a constant inspiration to him.

Like Hopper or Vettriano, David Farrant’s primary inspiration stems from everyday scenes of human interaction. Using these day to day images and outstanding observational skills Farrant creates wonderful paintings with muted colours and complex shadows. His preferred medium is either acrylics or oils, and his large-scale compositions have a huge impact whether displayed in a corporate or a domestic environment.

Talking about his art works David Farrant says: “I like to think my paintings work on two levels – firstly, and in a formal sense, as compositions in which strong tonal contrast, accents of colour and simplification of form are key elements. Secondly, and in a narrative sense, I hope they carry a mood and the possibility of an unfinished story which the viewer can share”.

David Farrant original paintings are now a welcome addition to the art galleries in Bath and are showing at Red Rag in Brock Street. Also at the Bath Art Gallery are David Farrant Limited Edition Prints.

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British art: artist David Atkins at Red Rag Bath Art Gallery

'New York Morning' by David Atkins at Red Rag Gallery

Today’s featured Modern British Artist at the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery is David Atkins

David Atkins was born in Greenwich in 1964. He studied at St Martin’s School of Art, London and later at Winchester School of Art.

Today David Atkins has established himself as an evocative painter of landscapes and urban scenes. His Landscape paintings and Architectural and Urban paintings are characterised by the use of broad brush and colour creating bold and clear vistas of the city and landscape. He is particularly drawn to scenes of dawn and sunset and is an honest observer of the world around us.

David Atkins is an artist who excels at capturing the magic and majesty of the landscape or urban vista. His strong and confident brushwork successfully records the essence of his subjects be they landscape or urban cityscapes. Atkins produces highly textural oil paintings full of light, shade and atmosphere.

David Atkins paintings are available from the Red Rag Gallery in Bath. For further information please contact the gallery.

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Contemporary art: british artist Janet Ledger

'Deli at Byker, Newcastle' by British artist Janet Ledger

Today’s post features British artist Janet Ledger

Janet Ledger was born in Northampton, England in 1934 and studied art and painting at the Northampton School of Art. Today she has become a very collectible artist and her art works can be found in many public and private collections These include: HRH Princess Margaret, The Coal Board, Marks and Spencer, MacDonalds, Mowlem and National Westminster Bank. Several rock and pop musicians have also bought her paintings and the Tate Gallery own two Janet Ledger prints. One of these prints was reproduced as a greetings card by Camden Graphics.

As a result of her participation in the ‘Best of Britain’ exhibition in Dallas Texas in 1985 and in recognition of her art work, Janet Ledger was made an honorary citizen. As well as appearing at Red Rag Gallery Janet’s work has been exhibited at many British Art Galleries including in ‘London ‘77’ at Somerset House – a celebration for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. She has also exhibited her contemporary paintings abroad, this included a tour of Israel in 1997.

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Contemporary art: British artist David Eustace RBA

Contemporary Art: 'Observing a Small Cloud' by David Eustace RBA

Contemporary Art: 'Observing a Small Cloud' by David Eustace RBA

David Eustace is one of the most creative contemporary British artists. He produces paintings using images that seem to move between conscious and subconscious states whilst maintaining a mixture of wit and mysticism.

David Eustace sees similarlity between paintings like music. Often the artist or composer intends to form a beginning, middle and an end but finds himself drawn off in a slightly different direction to make his creation look or sound ‘right’. It is, he says, a philosophical experience, which is “easier felt than telt.”. Of his art works David Eustace says: “It was only when I stopped working from life that my paintings became my own. For me imagination is the touch stone to explore an inner world of feelings and dreams”.

David Eustace observes the everyday world around him but presents it with an individual style and viewpoint. Subjects are sometimes dislocated from their surroundings or hover lending an air of mystery. There is a three-dimensional dream-like quality to his contemporary art. Painting with acrylic on board David overlays this with a light oil glaze to enhance depth and colours.

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Scottish art – featured artist Joe Hargan

'Shaken But Not Stirred' by Joe Hargan PPPAI

'Shaken But Not Stirred' by Joe Hargan PPPAI

Today we featured one of the leading Contemporary Scottish Artists Joe Hargan.

Joe Hargan was born in Glasgow, 1952. He studied drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art from 1970-74 under Danny Ferguson James Robertson and David Donaldson

Hargan has exhibited his contemporary paintings regularly since the early 1970’s at: the Royal Glasgow Institute of Art; Royal Society of Watercolors; Royal Scottish Academy of Art; The Paisley Art Institute; Royal Academy, London; Dick Institute, Kilmarnock; British Watercolor Society & National Portrait Gallery. He has also had works selected for the Royal Academy, London

The body of Joe Hargan paintings are remarkable for their diversity. His paintings are immediately recognisable and follow the rich tradition of colourist Scottish paintings. For the last ten years Hargan has completed numerous contemporary paintings of the now renowned character ‘Sniffy’ – the world’s greatest art critic?! Hargan’s art work is in collections throughout the world and he has been awarded a number of art prizes reflecting and rewarding the quality and breadth of his talent. He draws inspiration from many sources: Italian renaissance art, Spanish art, American influences such as Rothko and Newman; and artists Francis Bacon, Philipson and David Donaldson

Today’s featured painting ‘Shaken But Not Stirred’ shows ‘Sniffy’ standing majestically on a plinth with a glass or two not far from hand. In the background the works of John Singer Sargent are hanging – could it be that they have shaken if not stirred the infamous art critic?

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