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‘Adam and Eve’ at Red Rag Bath Art Gallery

Gordon Mitchell has been described as one of the finest Scottish draughtsman and imaginative painters of his generation. He is an elected Member of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour , the Royal Glasgow Institute and the Royal Scottish Academy. His art work has won numerous awards and his paintings are represented in a number of important public and private art collections including Kansas City Art Institute, Paisley Art Institute, Ralli Museums, Royal Bank of Scotland, Scottish Arts Council, and the University of Edinburgh.

'Adam' by Scottish artist Gordon Mitchell

Gordon Mitchell’s paintings display a balance and superb tonal harmony. His paintings are beautifully executed and can be amusing at times, at others ironic. The paintings range over many subjects from fruit and ceramic vessels to the human form represented as all manner of objects. Gordon is certainly the master of unexpected juxtaposition and constantly delights his many art collectors and admirers with his technical brilliance and offbeat sense of humour. Mitchell uses humour, pathos and irony in his paintings to interpret his thoughts and make them palatable to a world that might sometimes rather not be reminded of the problems it faces, collectively or individually.

'Eve' by Gordon Mitchell

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Scottish Art Show at Red Rag

'Towards Isle of Rum' by Robert Kelsey

'Towards Isle of Rum' by Robert Kelsey

Today is the start of our latest art show. It is a mixed art exhibition featuring over 200 paintings from the studies of both leading and emerging Scottish Artists. Scottish art is very much influenced by the use of bold, vibrant colours, so right now the gallery is a real explosion of colour

The show includes still life, landscape, seascape, portrait and surrealist paintings. There are also limited edition prints by many of the Scottish artists

One of the artists participating in the show is Robert Kelsey. He was born in Glasgow in 1949 and attended the Glasgow School of Art studying under influential leading artists David Donaldson, John Cunningham, Alexander Goudie, James Robertson and Duncan Shanks. Years later Robert Kelsey’s paintings still reflect the powerful influence of his art tutors. Other influences on Kelsey’s paintings are The Scottish Colourists, Peploe and Cadell and Robert also admires the art work of the English artists Edward Seago and Ken Howard.

Despite being an enthusiastic traveller, Robert Kelsey has always loved returning to his Scottish roots and the inspiration found in the beauty of the Scottish coastline. Kelsey’s distinctive oils on canvas paintings convey the vast flat beaches, sparkling emerald water and majestic skies in a glowing array of blues, golds and greens. Over the last few years Robert Kelsey has established a reputation for his lively and fluent style of painting. Kelsey often focusses on his favourite subject, the wide, lonely beach landscapes of the Western Isles. Alongside Scottish paintings Kelsey also produces wonderful landscape paintings of Italy, Cornwall and Spain as well as richly coloured still life paintings. The intensity of colour in these continental works and still lifes complement the more subtle tones of the Scottish beaches.

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British art: Artist Simon Garden

'Topiary Garden' by Simon Garden

'Topiary Garden' by Simon Garden

Today we feature British Artist Simon Garden

Simon Garden was born in 1960. He studied at Art Exeter School of Art and Design, graduating with a BA (Hons) 1st Class, Fine Art in 1982.

Simon Garden uses seductive rich colour and texture in his contemporary paintings. He is an artist who creates a sense of composition that is classically beautiful whilst at the same time daring. He reduces his landscapes and nudes down to their most elemental forms.

Garden’s paintings often have a magical and mysterious quality. His paintings arouses the subconscious and fires the imagination, drawing the viewer irresistibly into a world both dreamlike and timelessness.

Simon Garden paintings are regularly shown at the Royal West of England Academy for Art. His paintings have also featured at other major British Art Exhibitions such as The Hunting Art Prize. Today Simon Garden has obtained a strong presence in many British Art collections. His contemporary paintings can also be found in many private art collections in the USA, Holland, Australia, Japan and Germany.

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