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British Art: New Exhibition at Red Rag

Ken Howard RA 'Venetian Interior'

The latest show at Red Rag features a number of British Artists who are members of the New English Artist Club (NEAC). The NEAC has existed for over 125 years and has seen many Royal Academy artists as members over the years. This tradition continues today with leading British artists such as
Ken Howard being a NEAC member.

The Red Rag exhibition continues until 6 November and includes art works from NEAC members David Cobley, Ken Howard, Charles Hardaker, Andrew Macara, William Selby

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British Art Exhibition: Andrew Macara solo show

British art: Andrew Macara 'Green Trees and Snow'

The Andrew Macara solo art show at Red Rag closes this weekend.

Born in 1944 Andrew Macara studied art for a short period with Leonard Fuller at the St Ives School of Painting in Cornwall, but he is very much a self taught artist. Today Macara has developed into one of the leading present day figurative British artists. He has a distinctive style of painting and a passion for capturing light and shade in his art works. This has brought him considerable success

For the latest paintings at Red Rag Macara travelled the UK producing appealing paintings of the British landscape and marine scenes. His art works are uplifting and the inclusion of children in many of his paintings strengths the sense of fun and joy.

Also featured at the art show is a showing of Andrew Macara Limited Edition Prints

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Latest Red Rag Show

The current show at Red Rag Gallery right now features the art world of three British artists known for their contemporary paintings of figures. Participating in ‘Characters’ is English artist : David Eustace and Scottish artists Joe Hargan and Joe Hargan.

English artist - David Eustace

David Eustace was born in 1950. He completed a Foundation course at Sutton Coldfield Art College, followed by a degree course in Fine Art at Exeter College of Art. After graduating, David spent six years in the USA working as a muralist. David plays with the viewers of his figurative painting, using images that hover between conscious and subconscious states. Eustace produces a mixture of wit and mysticism. David Eustace observes the everyday world around him but presents it with an individual style and viewpoint. Subjects are sometimes dislocated from their surroundings or hover lending an air of mystery. There is a three-dimensional dream-like quality to his contemporary art. Painting with acrylic on board David overlays this with a light oil glaze to enhance depth and colours.

Scottish artist - Joe Hargan

Joe Hargan was born in Glasgow. He studied drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art. he has exhibited paintings since the early 1970’s at: the Royal Glasgow Institute of Art; Royal Society of Watercolors; Royal Scottish Academy of Art; The Paisley Art Institute; Royal Academy, London; Dick Institute, Kilmarnock; British Watercolour Society & National Portrait Gallery. In 1996 for the quality of his paintings and his service to Scottish art Joe Hargan was awarded the Paisley Art Institute diploma. The body of Joe Hargan paintings are remarkable for their diversity. But his paintings are immediately recognisable and follow the rich tradition of vibrant, bold colourist Scottish paintings.

Scottish artist Alan King

Alan King was born in Scotland in 1946. He studied at the Glasgow School of Art. After a career teaching art he decided to start painting full time in 1999. Alan King is best known for his paintings which feature the Red Hat and this continues to be a major theme to his contemporary paintings. King’s skill in storytelling and a love of early Italian Art are the roots of the development of his fine paintings. He creates images which are visually compelling and which form a bond with the viewer. Many of the images and titles used for Alan’s paintings have their source in literature and poetry. His paintings start with a title which may have been taken from Dante or Sorley Maclean a Scottish poet. This leads to ideas which are developed with life models and a miniature theatre which Alan King builds. The mannequins and backgrounds in King’s paintings are positioned and photographed with different lighting effects.

The ‘Charatcters’ art show continues until 12 June. The gallery is open every day from 10:00

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Latest Red Rag Gallery Art Exhibition: ‘Street Life’

'On The Square' by Irish artist Brian Smyth

'On The Square' by Irish artist Brian Smyth

This weekend we open our latest art exhibition – ‘Street Life’. This is a mixed art show featuring contemporary British Art, Scottish Art and Irish Art.

The art show is a window on the world with street scenes from across the globe including Havana, London, New York and Paris. Today’s featured contemporary painting is ‘On The Square’ from Irish artist Brian Smyth.

The art show runs until 19 September. Red Rag Gallery is open every day from 10:00

For further information:

CONTACT RED RAG NOW on 01451 832563 or outside UK + 44 1451 832563

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Scottish Art Show at Red Rag

'Towards Isle of Rum' by Robert Kelsey

'Towards Isle of Rum' by Robert Kelsey

Today is the start of our latest art show. It is a mixed art exhibition featuring over 200 paintings from the studies of both leading and emerging Scottish Artists. Scottish art is very much influenced by the use of bold, vibrant colours, so right now the gallery is a real explosion of colour

The show includes still life, landscape, seascape, portrait and surrealist paintings. There are also limited edition prints by many of the Scottish artists

One of the artists participating in the show is Robert Kelsey. He was born in Glasgow in 1949 and attended the Glasgow School of Art studying under influential leading artists David Donaldson, John Cunningham, Alexander Goudie, James Robertson and Duncan Shanks. Years later Robert Kelsey’s paintings still reflect the powerful influence of his art tutors. Other influences on Kelsey’s paintings are The Scottish Colourists, Peploe and Cadell and Robert also admires the art work of the English artists Edward Seago and Ken Howard.

Despite being an enthusiastic traveller, Robert Kelsey has always loved returning to his Scottish roots and the inspiration found in the beauty of the Scottish coastline. Kelsey’s distinctive oils on canvas paintings convey the vast flat beaches, sparkling emerald water and majestic skies in a glowing array of blues, golds and greens. Over the last few years Robert Kelsey has established a reputation for his lively and fluent style of painting. Kelsey often focusses on his favourite subject, the wide, lonely beach landscapes of the Western Isles. Alongside Scottish paintings Kelsey also produces wonderful landscape paintings of Italy, Cornwall and Spain as well as richly coloured still life paintings. The intensity of colour in these continental works and still lifes complement the more subtle tones of the Scottish beaches.

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Scottish artist Louis McNally

Yesterday’s post featured a painting by David Schofield who is one of the two Scottish artists in our upcoming art show. Today it is the turn of the other artist Louis McNally


Louis McNally was born in 1963 in Inverkip, Scotland. He attended Gray’s School of Art.


McNally has a very distinctive and recognisable style of oil painting. He painstakingly develops his paintings over many weeks of using drawings, photos and memory. The result is often an emotive and atmospheric land or city scape with long, low horizons usually inspired by Edinburgh and the East Coast areas. These contemporary paintings have unique haunting qualities which are unusual for paintings of such undoubted fine detailing and observation. In all McNally’s paintings light pays a fundamental role as does the consequential shadow


Louis McNally: Harbour Scene, Stornaway

Louis McNally: Harbour Scene, Stornaway


Circus Art



Today the gallery is preparing for the next art exhibition. It features two young Scottish artists Louis McNally and David Schofield.

David Schofield was born in Scotland in 1972. He studied contemporary art at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. He is a surrealist artist who produces paintings which are invariably thought provoking with striking and enduring images. His current fascination is with the circus.

David Schofield painting - Highwire

David Schofield painting - Highwire



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