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British art: artist Richard Adams

'The Summer Wore On' by Richard Adams

'The Summer Wore On' by Richard Adams

Today we feature British Artist Richard Adams

Richard Adams was born in Hampshire in 1960. He received a BA Hons in Graphic Design at Leicester Polytechnic. Richard’s childhood was spent amidst the British countryside in the south Cotswolds. The outstanding Cotswold landscape has had a strong and lasting influence on his art work with the soft landscape and architectural vernacular often inspiring and influencing his paintings.

In his art work Richard Adams creates a dream world often adding ‘odd’ people that seem to float above the ground and seldom stand upright. Full of humour Richard Adams paintings and prints are beautifully drawn and highly imaginative.

All Richard’s paintings are produced using chalk pastel. They are then fixed and soaked in a special varnish that leaves an impervious surface. His art works are also available as Giclee Limited Edition Prints

Today’s featured image is a Limited Edition Print ’The Summer Wore On’ is an imaginative and idealised portrayal of a hay-making party. As with all Richard Adams art works what is most striking is the wealth of detail and the narrative that the scene creates. Set against a background of thatched cottages and a church we see a picnic, running dogs, kissing couples and then above the church angels circle watching over the scene and lending it a dreamlike quality.

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British art – artist Matthew Draper

'Enclosing Weather, Bass Rock' by Matthew Draper

'Enclosing Weather, Bass Rock' by Matthew Draper

Today’s featured art is from English artist Matthew Draper was born in 1973 in Staffordshire. He studied at Walsall College of Art from 1991-92 and then Falmouth College of Art from 1992-95.

Draper begins his art work by pinning paper to the wall drawing first with pastel and charcoal. Then, crushing the pastel in his hands he spreads raw colour across the paper, working it in with the ball of his thumb. At a later stage, the dust created in this process, collected from the floor, is thrown at the picture where it clings and is rubbed in.

Matthew is very an action painter. His paintings resound with the evidence of reduction and accretion. Among his tools are sandpaper and sponges, used to erode the surface, transforming paper to smooth velvet, all the time spray-fixing each layer of pastel. He both builds a work and, at the same time, obliterates its form and structure. What began as a townscape dissolves in a sea of colour.

Matthew Draper’s paintings are in the art collections of Bank of Scotland, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow plus various private art collections in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and the USA.

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