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Paintings of Cities: latest Red Rag Art Gallery show

'Manhattan Crossing' by David Farran at Red Rag Gallery

This coming weekend is the start of the latest Red Rag art exhibition ‘ Cities around the World’. It is a mixed art show featuring art works from: Susan Brown, Stephen Brown, Stephanie Dees, Michael Ewart, David Farren and Janet Ledger.

Scenes from many of the world’s finest Cities are featured in the art show including: New York, London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Amsterdam, Bath, Canterbury and Edinburgh. The art show starts Sunday 25 April and continues until 7 May. The gallery is open every day from 10:00

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Latest Red Rag Gallery Art Exhibition: ‘Street Life’

'On The Square' by Irish artist Brian Smyth

'On The Square' by Irish artist Brian Smyth

This weekend we open our latest art exhibition – ‘Street Life’. This is a mixed art show featuring contemporary British Art, Scottish Art and Irish Art.

The art show is a window on the world with street scenes from across the globe including Havana, London, New York and Paris. Today’s featured contemporary painting is ‘On The Square’ from Irish artist Brian Smyth.

The art show runs until 19 September. Red Rag Gallery is open every day from 10:00

For further information:

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British art: artist David Farren

Painting 'Sunlight Reflections - Bath Abbey' by David Farren

Painting 'Sunlight Reflections - Bath Abbey' by David Farren

Today we feature a another painting from the next art exhibition at Red Rag. It is by British Artist David Farren

David Farren uses expressive brushwork and colour to represent the energy and movement of the urban landscape, providing a snapshot of everyday life. His aim is to capture the ambience and individuality of some of the world’s most exciting cities from a street level, concentrating on the people as they go about their daily lives.

The featured painting in this post by David Farren is ‘Sunlit Reflections, Bath Abbey’. Bath is one of the world’s greatest cities with its majestic Georgian buildings, but the Abbey dates from a much earlier building period. In the painting Farren has positioned the Abbey as a centre piece looking down on the passers by below. The whole scene is bathed in sunlight which has created wonderful reflections from the rain water lying on the pavement and acting like a mirror.

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British Art: artist Ken Howard RA

'San Giorgio Maggiore' by Ken Howard RA

'San Giorgio Maggiore' by Ken Howard RA

Today we feature British Artist Ken Howard

Ken Howard is a Royal Academy artist with a worldwide reputation. He was born in 1932 and studied art at Hornsey School of Art from 1949 to 1953 and then later at the Royal College of Art from 1955 to 1958. Howard then went on to win a British Council Art Scholarship to Florence from 1958 to 1959

In 1979 Ken Howard was appointed by the Imperial War Museum as official British artist in Northern Ireland. He also worked with the British Army in Germany, Cyprus, Oman, Hong Kong, Nepal, Norway, Canada, Belize and Brunei from 1973 to 1982.

Ken Howard is a master at capturing light in both oil and watercolour paintings. Today he is known as one of the leading British Artists for his ability to fuse light and atmosphere in his contemporary paintings. The subjects for Ken’s contemporary paintings range from studio nudes to Venetian scenes and Cornish beaches.

Ken Howard’s numerous art awards include: First Prize in the Lord Mayor’s Art Award in 1966; a Prize Winner in the John Moores Art Exhibition, Liverpool in 1978; first prize in the Hunting Group Art Awards; and the Critics Prize at Sparkasse Karlsruhe in 1985. He now lives and works in London or in his Venetian and Cornish studios.

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Featured British artist: Susan Brown

'New York Street' by British artist Susan Brown

'New York Street' by British artist Susan Brown

Today’s featured British artist is Susan Brown.

Susan Brown was born in Yorkshire. She studied at Leeds Polytechnic between 1976 and 1979 gaining a BA Hons in Three Dimensional Design. Since then her career has evolved into two main areas of interest – interior design and contemporary painting. Brown has completed numerous commissions and several projects as both designer and contemporary artist.

Susan’s contemporary paintings are bold and striking . Her architectural studies explore the rhythm and movement within buildings and interiors and her abstract paintings are inspired by still life subjects and landscapes, focusing on texture and pattern.

Susan Brown’s background in three-dimensional design is evident in her studies of architecture and cityscape. ‘Street Life, New York’ shows the characteristic high-rise buildings of New York City. The shadow of the tall buildings is contrasted with bright splashes of colour worn by pedestrians. The character of the old buildings are recorded with a lightness of touch characteristic of Brown’s style. The buildings almost have a life of their own in this atmospheric scene. Lines are not rigid but have a fluid quality which lends them life and light.

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