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Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints - Graham McKean

Limited Edition Prints – news from Red Rag

Red Rag have expanded the Limited Edition Prints range by adding the art works of Scottish artist Graham McKean.

The main inspiration for Graham Mckean’s art work is the human figure.His subject matter is a mixture of natural observation and experience and he successfully merges imagination with reality. McKean’s paintings and limited edition prints are often humorous, but there is a serious side to the works.

Graham McKean limited edition prints are the result of his creative and fertile imagination. However he does seek to explore the day to day experiences of everyday life with the prints often bordering on the surreal. From beach bathers to sailors and clowns, his limited edition prints communicate an air of intrigue and an element of the surreal which immediately engages the viewer. McKean uses bright colours, humour and iconic images to explore the day to day experiences and his paintings and limited edition prints seem to capture the emotion of a single moment in time.

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