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New Limited Edition Prints at Red Rag Gallery

Mark Preston Art Prints at Red Rag

Two new names have joined the growing range of Limited Edition Print artists at Red Rag Gallery this month. They are both British artists – Timmy Mallett and- Mark Preston .

Mark Preston was born in 1976 and is the younger member of a well-known artistic family. He studied illustration at Anglia University in Cambridge, but it was sketching and painting trips with his father, Rex Preston, to the Peak District, Cornwall and Scotland that really inspired him to become a landscape painter.

Mark Preston has been painting full time as a professional artist since leaving university at the age of 21. He paints in acrylics and works mainly in situ, with relatively little time spent in the studio. Red Rag has been selling Mark Preston original paintings for a number of years. The limited edition prints introduced by the gallery are: Beautiful Clear Day , Spring Towards Penzance , Rooftops Marazion and April Morning Mounts Bay . Mark Preston says: “For me experiencing the landscape and weather directly is essential to attempt to capture them in paint; I just need to be there to respond to the situation and the spirit of the landscape.”

Timmy Mallett: New print artist at Red Rag

Timmy Mallett is an accomplished painter whose love for painting came at an early age when his dad, also a keen painter, would encourage him. Later Mallett studied history of art as part of his degree at Warwick University.

Timmy Mallet takes his inspiration from the British countryside, and from trips all over the world. He is inspired by vibrant colours. His many and varied paintings and limited edition prints glow with colour. Red Rag have introduced seven Timmy Mallett prints. They are: and A Day at the Beach , Shoreline Sunset, Blowing Away the Cobwebs , Through the Window, Summer in France and Sunflowers in France . Each limited edition print series from the Red Rag British Art Gallery is normally available for immediate delivery and can be shipped worldwide.

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Scottish artist: Archie Forrest

'Basket with Fruit and Flowers' by Archie Forrest

Red Rag have released a number of new Still Life paintings by Scottish artist by Archie Forrest. Forrest is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s leading contemporary painters. He studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1969 to 1973 and taught there for seven years before giving up teaching in 1985 to be a full-time artist.

Archie Forrest is a perfectionist and is uncompromising in the high standards he sets himself. He works in the Glasgow School/Scottish Colourist tradition creating still life paintings of brilliant colour and underpinned by fine drawing and sense of form. He paints with layers of intermingled colours giving his paintings a wonderful depth with a luscious quality. His paintings have appeared regularly in the annual shows of both the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, to which he was elected in 1988, and the Royal Scottish Academy. A painter and a sculptor, Forrest is essentially viewed as a colourist working in the subdued earthy harmonies of the Glasgow school. Cézanne and Matisse are major inspirations to the artist.

His paintings are highly sought after and appear in many private and public art collections, including The Duchess of York, BBC, Glasgow Art Club, Royal College of Physicians, Scottish Amicable, Scottish Opera and National Portrait Gallery.

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Cornish Art in Bath

'Sea Pinks' by Cornish artist Amanda Hoskin

The paintings of successful Cornish based British Artist Amanda Hoskin are now on show at the Red Rag Gallery in Bath. Amanda Hoskin is known for her evocative and atmospheric Landscape paintings of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Over the past few years Amanda Hoskin has emerged as a leading exponent of Cornish landscape painting. She knows her subject well. Her paintings of Cornish coastlines are developed as a result of many hours spent walking the coast and observing the lovely rich landscape. Her long term physical engagement with this enchanting environment provides her with a depth of knowledge which is both intellectually succinct and emotionally fluent. What you see in a painting by Amanda is her vision of her journey and this is not the vision of a visitor, it is the vision of a native of this landscape.

In addition to Red Rag Amanda Hoskin has exhibited her paintings at a number of British Art Galleries but this is the first time her art work have featured at any of the art galleries in Bath .

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