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Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Print 'Morris and Kitty' by Paul Robinson

This week we have been featuring British artists who have their art work published as Limited Edition Prints . Limited Edition Prints have become increasingly popular. A major factor in the growth of limited edition prints has been the development of Giclee technology.

The word Giclée (pronounced zhee-klay) comes from the French “le gicleur” meaning “nozzle”. It is most probably derived from the French verb gicler meaning to squirt or spray. In modern British art usage it refers to refers to art made by the spray of ink from a very highly specialised large format inkjet which are used to create art prints and limited edition prints. The majority of Red Rag Gallery limited edition prints are giclee art prints.

Today’s featured Limited Edition Print artist is Paul Robinson . Robinson was born in Penrith, Cumbria in 1959. He studied Fine Art at Carlisle College of Art.

Paul Robinson paints in a distinctive naive style. Inspiration for his work comes from the East Anglian landscape with great expanse of sea and sky and the people who are found in the area. Titles in Robinson’s limited edition print series include: French Lieutenant’s Aunty; Narcissus; Lady With Dog and Newspaper and Weekenders

Paul Robinson limited edition prints are available from the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery. For further details email the gallery or

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Limited Edition Prints – David Inshaw

'Canal bank' Limited Edition Print by David Inshaw

Today’s featured artist is David Inshaw . Inshaw was born in Wednesfield, Staffordshire in 1943. He studied painting at Beckenham School of Art and at the Royal Academy Schools. He then went on to study in Paris for six months under a French Government scholarship.

David Inshaw is known for the powerful intensity of his English landscape paintings and prints. He has paintings in many private and public British art galleries. These include: the Arts Council of Great Britain, the British Council, City of Bristol Art Gallery & Museum, the Department of the Environment, Devizes Museum, Sunderland Museum and Art Gallery. He is also well represented in the Tate Gallery’s art collection.

David Inshaw first caught the public imagination in 1972 with his painting the Badmington Game which was acquired by Tate Britain. Another of Inshaw’s best known paintings and print is Cricket Game set in Little Bredy, West Dorset.

Inshaw’s Limited Edition Prints are available from the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery. For further details email the gallery or

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Original and Limited Edition prints from Jeremy Barlow

'Grand Canal, venice' by British artist Jeremy Barlow

One of the first artists to show art work at the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery was British artist Jeremy Barlow and we are delighted to announce more new paintings from him are now in the gallery .

Jeremy Barlow produces paintings of wonderfully atmospheric and evocative scenes. His paintings are always recognisable by the careful way in which the interaction of light and dark are handled so skilfully.

Jeremy Barlow travels extensively, painting not only the fine European cities but often in the small villages and towns “off the beaten track”. He is particularly drawn to the strong contrast of deep, rich shadows with pools of bright sunlight, so familiar in southern European countries.

In addition to original paintings from Jeremy Barlow, Red Rag also promotes Jeremy Barlow limited edition prints . For further details email the gallery or

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New Limited Edition Prints from Andrew Macara at Red Rag

'Tree and Tobbogans' by British artist Andrew Macara

Red Rag Gallery has just released new Limited Edition Prints from one of the leading British artists Andrew Macara

Andrew Macara was born in Derbyshire in 1944. He is primarily a self taught artist although he did study contemporary modern British Art for a short period with Leonard Fuller at the St Ives School of Painting.

Macara has one of the most distinctive art styles of present day British Artists. He has enjoyed considerable success particularly for his highly sought after winter scenes, so we are delighted to introduce two new winter art prints. Both art prints feature Macara’s beloved Derbyshire and the magical English winter landscape. They are: Two Trees and Tree and Tobbogans. The high quality giclee prints are part of a series of just 95 signed and numbered limited edition prints which are now available from the gallery.

The latest prints are typical of Andrew Macara’s art work with his skilled treatment of light and shade. Long blue-grey shadows capture each snow scene perfectly. He looks for colour and movement and manages to convey a sense of life in his paintings.

Paintings by Andrew Macara are also available from Red Rag British Art Gallery together with these Andrew Macara Limited Edition Prints . For further information contact the gallery

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Irish art: Brian Smyth at Red Rag Gallery

'Between the Acts' by Irish artist Brian Smyth

Today we feature another Irish Artist who is participating in the latest Red Rag art exhibition.

Brian Smyth was born in 1967. He studied art at the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork, graduating in 1995 with an honours degree in Art & Design. Although Brian specialised in painting at college he also studied other various art subjects including multi-media, print, video and photography.

Brian Smyth paintings capture the very essence of his subjects. He is equally successful in his treatment of portraits, crowd scenes or café society. Smyth is a master in creating a sense of time and place in his paintings and leaves the viewer with an enduring and distant image on which to contemplate.

Brian Smyth paintings have been shown at many leading Irish Art Galleries . The featured painting ‘Between the Acts’ from Brian Smyth is a thoughtful composition with great use of light and shade. It can be viewed at the Red Rag Irish Art exhibition until 28 March.

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Irish art: artist Val Byrne at Red Rag Gallery

Irish art: Ardgroom Village by Val Byrne

Our Irish Art Exhibition continues. This is a mixed art show with several present day Irish Artists participating.

Today’s featured artist from the show is Val Byrne

Val Byrne was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1936 . He studied Art and Architecture at University College Dubin (UCD) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Val’s passion and understanding for architecture is evident in his paintings. Because of his background Val has a particular interest in the urban landscape of Ireland. Most of Byrne’s contemporary paintings record Irish scenes of the 20th and 21st Century with an emphasis on harbours and boats and a mixture of domestic and residential buildings

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Karl Terry wins Red Rag Gallery award at RBA

'On The Rother' by British artist Karl Terry

Red Rag Gallery is delighted to announce that Kent born artist, Karl Terry has been presented with this year’s Red Rag Gallery Award – at the Royal Society of British Artists Annual Open Exhibition – for his painting, On the Rother. The work is on view at the RBA Open Exhibition at the Pall Mall Galleries, London until 21 March.

Karl Terry was born in Ashford, Kent and now lives near the medieval town of Rye in east Sussex. He has drawn and painted all his life but has had no formal training and is largely self-taught. Karl has developed an extensive portfolio of work, which includes still life, the English landscape, river and coastal scenes and views of London life, as well as paintings recording his travels in the south of France and Thailand. On the Rother, as winner of the Red Rag Gallery Award, is representative of this broader body of expressive work, in this case capturing the unhurried flow of the river in a gentle palette.

Karl paints outside in all weathers. Karl shares the view of most en plein air painters that he has the best teacher of all in nature itself: “I paint directly from nature and my work is my personal and immediate response to being submerged in the atmosphere. My continued learning to see colour has been a revelation and has opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us, even in the mundane”

Karl is not new to art awards his painting Early Morning Faversham Quay won the Artist Magazine Highly Commended Award at the Artist & Leisure Painter Patchings Exhibition in 2008; and he also was winner of the Winsor & Newton Prize at the Patchings Art Fair in 2009. Karl has been selected as a candidate for the Wapping Group of Artists, which enthusiastically records and interprets life on the River Thames.

The Red Rag Gallery Award – is an annual award of the Royal Society of British Artist’s, which recognises emerging new talent in contemporary art.

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