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British art: Mike Bernard at Bath Art Gallery

'Mousehole, Cornwall' by Mike Bernard

Today we are off to the West Country of England where British Artist Mike Bernard is based and where the inspiration for today’s image was generated.

Mike Bernard trained at the West Surrey College of Art and Design, Farnham followed by post graduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools. Since then he has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Mall Galleries, Royal Festival Hall and many other British Art Galleries including of course the Red Rag Art Galleries in Bath . Among the prizes and awards he has gained for his paintings are: The Stowells Trophy, The Elizabeth Greenshield Fellowship, The Silver Longboat Award and The Laing Award. Mike was elected a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour (RI) in 1997. At the 1999 RI Exhibition at the Mall Galleries he was awarded The Kingsmead Gallery Award.

Mike Bernard enjoys experimenting with different media and techniques, often using mixed media incorporating collages and acrylics. He also uses oil and watercolour. Within his paintings he tries to develop exciting textures and light combining these qualities into original semi-abstract images of landscapes. seascapes, street scenes. still life and figurative compositions.

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British art: artist Simon Garden

'Oranges' by British artist Simon Garden

Today we feature the art work of British Artist Simon Garden

Simon Garden was born in 1960. He studied at Art Exeter School of Art and Design, graduating with a BA (Hons) 1st Class, Fine Art in 1982.

Simon Garden uses seductive rich colour and texture in his contemporary paintings. He is an artist who creates a sense of composition that is classically beautiful whilst at the same time daring.

Garden’s paintings often have a magical and mysterious quality. His paintings arouses the subconscious and fires the imagination, drawing the viewer irresistibly into a world both dreamlike and timelessness.

Simon Garden paintings are regularly shown at the Royal West of England Academy for Art. His paintings have also featured at other major British Art Exhibitions such as The Hunting Art Prize. Today Simon Garden has obtained a strong presence in many British Art collections. His contemporary paintings can also be found in many private art collections in the USA, Holland, Australia, Japan and Germany.

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Scottish contemporary art from Red Rag Gallery

'Hillside Moon' by Scottish artist Georgie Young at Red Rag Gallery

Today’s featured Scottish Artist at the Red Rag Gallery is Georgie Young

Georgie Young is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. Her work is inspired by the Scottish landscape. Georgie aims to evoke a feeling and capture a sense of place in her paintings. She seeks to create atmosphere or an unexpected detail rather than reproduce a direct likeness.

Today’s image ‘Hillside Moon’ is typical of Georgie’s contemporary paintings. The painting is full of atmosphere and intrigue and the viewer is drawn into the landscape and a higher place.

Georgie Young paints primarily in acrylic using a bold palette and rich textures. Her paintings are available for Red Rag Gallery. For more details contact + 44 1451 832563.

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Modern art: Ann Shrager at Red Rag Bath Art Gallery

'The Bridegroom' by Ann Shrager at Red Rag Bath Art Gallery

Ann Shrager is today’s featured British Artist at the Red Rag Gallery.

Ann Shrager was born in London in 1948. She studied art at the Byam Shaw School of Painting and then at the Royal Academy Schools.

Ann Shrager has been a member of the New English Art Club since 1975. The NEAC is an art society which includes a number of other artists who have exhinited art works at Red Rag . These include: David Cobley, Charles Hardaker, Ken Howard, Karolina Larusdottir, Andrew Macara and William Selby

Ann Shrager’s art work is inspired by her various travels. Venice has always been a favourite location. More recently images of India feature predominantly in her contemporary paintings. She successfully captures the beauty and elegance of the country and its people.

Paintings by Ann Shrager are available from the Red Rag Bath Art Gallery.

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British art: artist Karolina Larusdottir at Red Rag Gallery

'New Beginings' by Karolina Larusdottir

A Happy and Peaceful New Year!

We start the new year by highlighting the contemporary paintings of Karolina Larusdottir . Although she was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1944, Larusdottir has lived and worked in the British Isles since the mid sixties and is very a much a British Artist in terms of style and approach.

Karolina Larudottir studied contemporary art at the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford between1965 to 1967. In 1986 she was elected a member of the Royal Society of Painter–Printmakers and the Royal Watercolour Society in 1996. Larusdottir is also an elected member of The New English Art Club which includes other Red Rag artist members David Cobley, Charles Hardaker, Ken Howard and William Selby.

Karolina Larusdottir is the recipient of many art prizes. These include a special award at the Premio Biella Internazionale per L’Incisione in Italy in 1990. Larusdottir also achieved further recognition when she was awarded The Graphic artist of the Year 2005, Islensk Grafik. Her paintings appear in many private and corporate art collections, including The Vatican, Rome and HRH Queen Elizabeth.

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